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Inspiring Presentations or workshops at Carer Events​

Presentations for carer events aimed at creating positive and constructive attitudes towards self-care and positive change in adverse conditions.

Presentations can cover a combination of the following topics:


  • Managing Burnout and Building Resilience
  • Having an Open Mind
  • What makes a Good Life?
  • Beauty in Life
  • Making real change happen
  • Thinking Above the Line
  • Mindfulness for busy Carers
  • Concerns, Worries and Influence
  • Setting Effective Goals
  • Managing Time
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Choices we have in Life
  • Knowing and Changing my Attitudes
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating Balance in Life
  • Managing internal and external Change
  • Communication and Relationships
  • “Happiness” and Contentment
  • Understanding myself
  • Wisdom
  • The Things we can Control
  • Additional topics – as requested by group

Each presentation will conclude with a call for making a specific change and a practical action plan.

Possible Group Customisation

Men and women may have different approaches to life and  problem solving. A men only program, which is customised for a more male way of thinking and male-specific issues could attract males who are otherwise reluctant to participate.

Workshops and presentations can be tailored to ‘Young Carers’, typically teen-aged siblings of children or young adults with disabilities.

The course can be constructed as a ‘Life Skills course’ for people with special needs (rather than their carers), which helps them to build their independence and relationships (through buddy groups).

Participating in the program will enable support workers to help their clients develop  positive attitudes and skills. Participating could be part of support workers’ continuous professional development.

Consulting Services

Please contact us if you would like any support in designing workshops presentations or services for your very specific needs.

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